Introducing AIMIP

The Association of International Medical Insurance Providers (AIMIP), which was formed in 2007, represents the interests of the growing number of companies offering medical insurance products and services to the fastest growing sector of the medical insurance industry.

Since its inception, AIMIP’s philosophy has been to help insurance brokers, intermediaries, agents and partner companies to better understand the products and services of its members covering both individual and corporate across the four corners of the world.

As an industry advisory body, AIMIP provides guidance on international product development, claims management and fraud prevention, regional and local regulatory issues, technical advice and training requirements.

With a membership comprising of the leading international Insurance Companies and Managing General Underwriters, AIMIP meets regularly to discuss the issues facing an industry that continues to see extensive year on year growth at a time when many domestic medical insurance markets are seeing a degree of contraction.

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Our Function

The Association of International Medical Insurance Providers was established in 2007 and its members now represent over 80 per cent of the insurance companies and providers, providing international medical insurance policies from the United Kingdom and Eire.

AIMIP exists to assist intermediaries, brokers and financial advisors better understand the nature of the international and expatriate medical insurance industry and to act as a central body to promote and maintain the highest level of professional ethics and standards.The objectives set down by AIMIP and which govern the membership of the Association are:

  • To maintain the ethical standards of its members in the interest of the public, intermediaries, brokers and the financial services industry in general
  • To increase the knowledge of intermediaries, brokers and advisors who have international clients
  • To provide a central source of information in relation to issues affecting the industry and interested parties
  • To promote the value and importance of the Association and the services of its members
  • To co-operate with other stakeholders in the best interests of the public and the financial services industry